Spring Shawls Round Up

30 Free & Paid Crochet Patterns

Right now, in my neck of the woods, spring is starting to make itself known. The temperature has been in the 60’s and of course, it has been raining more frequently. It is definitely a good time to start working on items for the warmer temperatures. That is why a light weight shawl is a perfect accessory for spring. They are fashionable and offer some warmth when it is breezy.

So, with that in mind, I decided to round up 30 of the cutest scarfs and shawls for spring, so there should be something for everyone. This round up includes free and paid patterns, although most are free. I have listed whether they are free or paid with the link.

1) Free: Butterfly Shawl-Meladoras Creations

Photo credit goes to Nanas Crafty Home

2)Free: Desert Sands Scarf-Nanas Crafty Home

Photo credit goes to The Country Willow

3)Free: Milan Summer Wrap– The Country Willow

4) Free: Neverending Love Poncho– The Country Willow

Photo credit goes to Ned And Mimi

5) Free: Summer Shawlette-Ned And Miami

Photo credit goes to Blue Star Crochet

6) Free: Gradient Yarn Shawl-Blue Star Crochet

Photo credit goes to Rows & Roses

7)Paid: Tilted Shawl– Rows & Roses

8)Free: Zen Garden Shawl-The Purple Poncho

9) Paid: Friendship Prayer Shawl-Straight Hooked

10) Paid:Mermaid Waves Shawl-Straight Hooked

11)Paid: Radiant Ridges Shawl-Straight Hooked

12)Free: Summer Wrap– Carroway Crochet

Photo credit goes toEasy Crochet

13)Free: Summer Nights Shawl– Easy Crochet

Photo credit goes to Sunflower Cottage Crochet

14) Free: Picot Fan Wrap– Sunflower Cottage Crochet

15)Paid:Kedjor Wrap– Torun Johansson

Photo credit goes to Torun Johansson

16)Free: Wrapped In Diamonds– Torun Johansson

Photo credit goes to Dora Does

17)Free: Smell The Roses Poncho Shawl-Dora Does

Photo credit goes to Dora Does

18)Free: Perceptions Scarf– Dora Does

Photo credit goes to Blue Star Crochet

19)Free: Beatrix Shawl– Blue Star Crochet

Photo credit goes to Blue Star Crochet

20)Free:Easy Lace Shawl– Blue Star Crochet

Photo credit goes to Blue Star Crochet

21)Free: Filet Crochet Shawl– Blue Star Crochet

22)Free: Lace Feather Fan Shawl– Raffamusa Designs

23)Paid: Half Moon Goddess– Betty MCKnit

24)Free: Vintage Lace Shawl– Han Jan Crochet

25) Free:Whispering Willows Poncho– Sweet Potato 3

26)Paid: Yura Wrap– A Crocheted Simplicity

Photo credit goes to Hand Made By Raine

27)Paid and Free:Picot Mesh Shawl-Hand Made By Raine

Photo credit goes to Emma Wilkinson

28)Paid: Sunset Poncho-Emma Wilkinson

29) Free: Euphoria Shawl-Three Fates Creations

30) Free:Summer Nights Shawl– Three Fates Creations

All photos included in this round up, are the property of the designer and/or the photographer who took them.

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