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I chose this stitch pattern for my square because I wanted it to be easy enough for a beginner to tackle and something you could knit while watching television.

Skill Level


Finished Measurements



7 k2tog,yo=4 inches 11 rows= 4 inches


1 skeins, Knit Picks Swish Marine Heather

K-6.5 mm needles

Tapestry needle


CO=Cast On



Yo=Yarn over

Special Stitches

K2tog=Knit 2 together

Sl1=slip 1

Psso=pass slip stitch over


CO 33

Row 1:p in each across.

Row 2:*k in 1st stitch, p in next. Repeat from * across.

Row 3:* p1,k1 Repeat from * across until last stitch. P in last stitch.

Row 4:k1,p1* yo, sl1,k1,psso. Repeat from * until the last 3 stitches. K1,p1,k1.

Row5: *p1,k1. Repeat from *across to last stitch.p1.

Row6: k1,p1, *yo,k2tog. Repeat from * across to last 3 stitches. K1,p1,k1.

Row 7: *p1, k1. Repeat from * across until the last stitch. P1.

Repeat row 3-7 twice. Repeat row 2-3 once. Cast off purlwise.

Fasten off. Weave in ends and block square.


Block square with preferred method.

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