Omatra Square

The Omatra Square was designed specifically for the Friendship Blanket CAL, hosted by Sunflower Cottage Crochet. Starting January 14th, over the next 13 weeks, 40 squares will be released.

Below is the supply list for the sample blanket:

However, the supply list is just a guideline. You can use whatever yarn or colors you choose, just keep the gauge in mind, in order to keep your squares the same size.

Photo credit goes to Helen Wilkinson ©️2021
Photo credit goes to Helen Wilkinson ©️2021

Omatra is a Sanskrit word meaning protection, kindness and a readiness to help. I thought that it was a fitting word for everything that is occurring in our world and The Friendship Blanket CAL. In the main sample of my square, I used   Yarn Bees Rainbow Wool in Twilight and a 6.0 mm hook. If you have ever made a basic granny square before, this square should be  a breeze. In the finished blanket sample, the yarn used is Paintbox.

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Now, on to the pattern:

Difficulty: Intermediate

Materials Needed:
J-6 mm hook
1 skein, Yarn Bee Rainbow Wool in Twilight, or worsted weight yarn

Stitches Used:

ch= chain

SlSt= slip stitch

dc = double crochet

Additional Terms

2 dc-cl= 2 double crochet cluster: yo, insert hook in st, yo, pull up a loop, yo and pull through 2 loops, yo, insert hook in same stitch, yo, pull up a loop, yo and pull through 2more loops, yo and pull through remaining loops.

Gauge: 3 rounds = 4 inches

Measurements: 9×9

Additional Notes:

Square is worked in joined rounds. Keeping an even tension while working is important in order to prevent curling. However, some curling can be corrected during the blocking process.


Make a magic ring (or Ch 3 and join to first chain).

Rnd. 1: Ch 3, make a dc  in center of magic ring. (Ch3 and dc count as a 2dc-cl).  (Ch 1, 2dc-cl) in center of magic ring 7 times. Slst to 1st cluster. (8  2dc-cl)

Rnd. 2: Slst to  ch space. Ch 4 and dc in same space ( counts as a dc, ch1,dc),Ch 2, *(dc,Ch 1,dc, ch 2) in next stitch. Repeat from * around. Slst to 3rd Ch of ch-5.

Rnd. 3: Slst in the next ch. Ch 5( counts as a dc and ch-2),dc in ch-2,Ch 2, *dc in ch-1 space,Ch 2,dc in ch-2 space, Ch 2. Repeat from * around. Slst to 3rd Ch of ch-5.

Rnd. 4:  Slst in 1st Ch space. Ch 3( counts as a dc), 2 dc in same space, Ch 2, 3 dc in same space. Ch 1, (3dc,Ch 1)  in ch-2 space. Repeat ()  in the next 2 ch-2 spaces. *(3dc,Ch 2,3dc)in Ch-2 space, ch1,(3dc, Ch 1)in ch-2 space. Repeat () in the next 2 ch-2 spaces**. Repeat from *  to ** 2 more times. Slst to ch-3.

Rnd. 5: Slst in next 2 DC’s,slst in ch-2 space. Ch 3 (counts as dc), (2dc,Ch 2,3dc) in same space,Ch 1, (3dc,Ch 1) in ch-1 space. Repeat () in next 3 ch-1 spaces. *(3dc,ch2,3dc) Ch 1 in next ch-2 space. (3dc,ch1)in next ch-1 space. Repeat () in the next 3 ch-1 spaces**. Repeat from* to ** 2 more times. Slst to ch-3 space.

Rnd. 6: Ch 3, dc in next 2 dc,*(dc,Ch 2,dc)in ch-2 space, ** dc in each dc and ch-1 space until you reach the corner ch-2 space, Repeat * and then ** 3 more times until you reach the beginning ch-3. Slst to ch-3.

Rnd. 7-8: Repeat row 6.

Fasten off.

Block your square with your preferred method.

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