Triangle Bunting

Stash-busting Challenge 2021

Last year, Knitting With Chopsticks and Joy Of Motion Crochet had a Stash Busting Challenge where designers shared patterns that could be made with quickly and could help thin out your stash and scraps. Well, this year they decided to do it again.

For this year’s challenge, I designed the Triangle Bunting because I love playing with the granny stitch. It always grows so fast.Also, I don’t really make many decorations for home, so it was a nice change. To download the free pdf of this pattern follow the instructions below. Remember, if you make any of the Stash-busting patterns, use #sbchallenge when sharing. We love seeing your interpretations!

Skill Level


Finished Measurements

Triangle: 4”x4″×4”

Completed Bunting: 75″


Gauge is not important,  but by round 2 it should measure roughly 2.75″


Furls Wander Yarn in Snow (MC),Midnight (CC1),Surf (CC2)

6 mm hook

Tapestry needle



SlSt= slip stitch

Sc=single crochet

Dc= double crochet


The triangles are made using the granny stitch,but modified to create a triangle instead of a square. Gauge isn’t important for this pattern. The garland can be made as long as you like by making more triangles.


Make 6


 Ch 4. Slst in 1st ch to join.

Rnd 1: Ch 3. Dc twice in center. (Ch 2,3dc in center) 2 times.Ch 2.  Slst to top of ch-3 to join.

Rnd 2: Slst in next 2dc and ch-2 sp. Ch 3, dc twice in same ch space. Ch 2, 3dc in same ch space.* (Ch 2, 3dc,ch 2, 3dc) in next ch-sp.* Repeat  from * to * in last ch-2 sp. Ch 2. Slst in top of ch-3. (Color change)

Rnd 3:Starting from last st of previous round, sk next 2 dc and join to ch-2 sp. Ch 3, (2dc,ch 2, 3dc) in same ch space. *ch 2, 3dc in next ch-2 sp*, **(ch 2, 3dc, ch 2, 3dc) in next ch-2 sp.** Repeat from * to * once. Repeat from ** to ** once. Ch 2 and slst to top of ch-3 space.

Fasten off.


Color Sequence:


Triangle 1:

Rnd 1-2: CC1

Rnd 3: MC


Triangle 2:

Rnd 1-2: CC2

Rnd 3: MC


Triangle 3:

Rnd 1-2: MC

Rnd 3: CC1


Triangle 4:

Rnd 1-2: MC

Rnd 3:CC2



Weave in ends. Piece needs to be blocked in order to open up the mesh stitches. When blocking, be sure to stretch piece out somewhat. You can block using any method you prefer. I blocked this by pinning piece to blocking mat, spritzing with water and then letting it air dry.


Decide the order you want your garland to be in. With MC, ch 40, then *slst in the top corner of one of the triangles. Slst in each stitch of the top of the triangle.*  ** ch 20**. Repeat * to **, until you reach last triangle. Repeat *to *. Ch 40 and fasten off. Weave in ends.

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